Posh Paws Plush Porg Review

Have you seen The Last Jedi? Of course you have. Who hasn’t?

We LOVED the film on so many levels. Ethan LOVES anything Star Wars so that fact that he loved it was a no brainer. I LOVED the fact that there were so many strong female leads in the film as did Jadyn. And even Aeryn didn’t complain that it was too long.

Ethan is a huge Star Wars fan and he’s slowly getting Aeryn interested in it simply because she listens to all his stories and he keeps her up-to-date with all the latest news and information about anything Star Wars. He seriously knows so much about the films.

The characters in the film were all such an integral part and we really enjoyed the BB-8’s Dark side – BB-9E. But, I think one little creature that left a lasting impression was the Porg!

Porgs are bird-like creatures that live on the planet where Luke makes his exile. They are ever so cute.


How fortunate for us to receive an adorable Porg plush to review from Posh Paws. It is seriously adorable. As soon as we received it, Ethan laid claim to it. Anything Star Wars seems to naturally go to him and the girls knowing his fascination with the series don’t grumble about it. Since it was delivered while the kids were in school, I was seriously contemplating keeping it for myself, though! I handed it quite grudgingly over. (but only because I got a parcel of some lovely handbags!)

The Porg is 10 inches tall but looks a bit lager because of its fluffiness. It is similar to the one in the film and has the same lovely, large, brown eyes. They apparently have stereoscopic vision as per the information about them.

It is orange, white and brown and has webbed feet.

Priced at £14.99, it is worth every penny and pays it’s worth in cuteness and quality.

We also received a Porg bag clip which is a mini version of the larger one and you can clip this on to your bag. Ethan so wants to clip it on his school bag but is also scared of losing it or having someone steal it that he’s kept it at home as a friend for the larger Porg. It is priced at £6.99

Both products are available at Argos 

And before you go, do trying saying the title of this post several time really fast. Full marks for Alliteration and the Tongue Twister!




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