Pop Goes Your Name – Personalised CD : A Review

When I first heard of the Pop Goes Your Name CD, I thought it would be very Nursery Rhyme (ish) and suited only to little people. 🙂

However, after receiving this CD, I am a huge fan.


The songs on the CD encompass a range of different occasions and themes and the music is definitely foot tapping.

In fact, I received the CD while we were on our way out one Saturday morning and we played it in the car. I started by hearing groans from the older two about not wanting to listen to ‘baby’ songs. Now, I think they are a bit jealous that their names are not featured.

I love the way that the name has been incorporated into the songs. It is so cleverly done.

The songs also have different genres of music which is great for introducing little ones to different types of music. There are 12 songs in all and each of us have our own favourite.



We love the CD and Aeryn has learnt quite a lot of the words of the songs and sings along in the car. It is great for journeys especially long ones as it keeps her singing. In fact it keeps them all singing.

Here is some more information about the Dad and Mum who came up with this brilliant idea.

Lucy & Richard Patterson were inspired to write children’s songs after starting their own family. The album began life as songs sung to their first-born Noah & due to his very positive critical response they then went on to record & make “The Noah Album”. It then became a lifesaver for long car journeys & the soundtrack to many nappy changes, mealtimes, bathtimes & bedtimes.

After requests for personalised versions from friends and family, they decided to expand their name coverage to the top UK names. The project grew to involve a team of musicians, vocalists & also a design company, all based within or around St Albans.

The POP Goes Your Name album is a collection of fun & upbeat songs, each written for your someone special. Children can experience a selection of musical styles, with catchy melodies & sing-along lyrics whilst hearing their own name sung back to them. The songs have been written for children in their early years. From ‘Noisy Farm’ to ‘Rock it Out’, the songs are full of themes & sounds that children can recognize & understand & are guaranteed to get Mum & Dad’s feet tapping too!
Lucy and Richard first met at music college in London & are both working musicians & music teachers. They have toured & also had recording & publishing contracts with various projects over the years. They decided to move back to Lucy’s native Hertfordshire where there is a very vibrant community of top musicians & a great live music scene. Other musicians on the Pop Goes Your Name album have toured with chart topping artists & appeared in West End productions.

The CD is priced at £12.95 and I think it would make the perfect birthday or Christmas gift for children.

Disclaimer: I was sent this personalised CD to review. All ideas and opinions are my own.

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