Pop Chef – Say goodbye to boring packed lunches…

I wake up every morning despairing of what to put into the packed lunch for the children. Their school is a nut free zone so I cannot include Nutella or peanut butter which the children love.

I also have to ensure that the food looks appetising as they seem to lose interest so quickly and this means that they do not finish their lunch.

I  remember, when I was young , my mum used to give me star shaped sandwiches and I loved them. However, in the morning rush, I cannot think of cutting out stars and other shapes. Besides, the cookie cutters always seem to flatten the sandwiches.

Now though, I have been creating all sorts of designs for the children and ensuring that the lunches are attractive to look at – all thanks to Pop Chef.


Pop Chef is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3 or Push – Pop – Eat. All you need to do is attach the desired shape to the bulb, push it into the food, pick it up and pop it out by hitting the top of the bulb. Then just sit back and see the delight on your children’s faces.

Since the Pop Chef set arrived before Valentine’s Day, I was able to give Jadyn the special lunch she wanted.


The children love fruit and making lovely decorated fruit sticks has seen them wanting to eat more of it.


Pop Chef contains 6 different shapes – heart, circle, butterfly, star, flower and sun. It also comes with 25 bamboo skewers and a recipe booklet.

pop chef 4

You may think that there is wastage when you do this but surprisingly not so. If you are cutting out fruit you can always use the leftovers bits for a fruit salad or a super smoothie! With sandwiches too, I normally cut the crusts off so it’s fine. Besides, the children never waste their lunch now so I would say it has in fact reduced wastage. 🙂

It is best that you fill the entire shape with the food you are cutting out otherwise it will get stuck. If this happens all you need do is scrape it out with a knife.

I think this is a lovely concept and while the children are thrilled that there are exciting edible shapes on their plates. I love it when Ethan or Jadyn come and peep at what I am serving and then call out to the other excitedly – ‘we have star shaped sanwiches or flower shaped melon’.

I am also enjoying creating different food designs with Pop Chef and can’t wait to try out new ways to make food look good.

Disclaimer: I was sent Pop Chef to try out and write an honest review. All ideas and opinions are my own. 


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