Pocket Money Traditions in My Family


I remember getting pocket money – it was not a lot but I think it went a much longer way than the equivalent goes now!

We were not given weekly pocket money but monthly – on pay day (so we would all get paid, so to speak) We would also get bonuses before holidays which were always welcome.

I also remember a tradition which, when I was very young, I didn’t particularly care for but as I grew older I thought it was the nicest thing to spend pocket money on.

As we were growing up, it was a tradition in our family where each member would spend their pocket money on gifts for the other members – during birthdays and Christmas. This was mandatory and I remember when I was little, I thought it rather a mean rule that I had to spend money on someone else when I could have bought myself sweets!!

It didn’t matter about the amount we spent – we could even buy a small chocolate bar or a pencil or an eraser but we had to wrap it up and present it. I will admit that it was great fun going shopping with a list and picking up presents for each one and the excitement of wrapping it up and even more excitement for the person who received so many gifts. (Especially if it was a birthday because you would be the only one getting all the gifts)

It is also a great feeling to sacrifice some of your own money to get something for someone else.

As I grew up, it became the nicest family tradition and I really enjoyed picking up gifts for my siblings and parents. It also looked so lovely when all the Christmas presents were under the tree. We are a big family so there were a lot of presents.

Needless to say, it is one tradition that I have now made MANDATORY and the children have to spend some of their pocket money on gifts. (It’s not that Mummy will buy and you will put your name on it – Mummy will collect the money from you or take it out of your piggy bank if you don’t hand over)

With regards to how I hand out pocket money – it’s a little different. They receive a weekly sum and then there are extras for completing chores. Also loose change is handed out from time to time, especially when Dad’s wallet gets too heavy!! They all have their piggy banks and love taking out the money to count once in a while.

The children however are more inclined to save for bigger things like toys and gadgets (iPods, iPads and the like), for us it was books and sweets!! But then, we never had any of these expensive distractions.

So, what are your pocket money tales? Did you spend it all on sweets? Did you have to earn it? Do you think the tradition above is great and would adopt it? Leave a comment, I would love to know.

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