PLAYMOBIL Wolf Knight’s Castle Review

If you read my post about Playmobil, you’ll know just how excited we are to be PLAYMOBIL Playologists. The children were excited when I told them we had been chosen but obviously nothing compared to the joy on receiving their first products to review.

Ethan is 6 and lives mostly in the world of Star Wars, Knights, Dragons and the like. So, you can imagine the thrill at being sent this amazing Wolf Knight’s Castle to review.



The set is a dream as it builds into a a rather imposing castle complete with trap doors, a dungeon and bows and arrows. The castle walls are made of grey brick so they look very like the real thing. There are towers and a beautiful gate that comes with it’s lock like that of medieval times. There are even flags to add to the castle to make it even more attractive.

pm - castle

I love the attention to detail that has gone into making this products. Every little lock, window, torch is like those of old and besides the fun to be had playing with the castle, it can be a lovely point to introduce children to parts of a castle and talk about the Medieval Age. There is so much to learn while playing.

pm-castle 2

The set comes with 3 knights with weapons. One of them has a Wolfskin head that Ethan loves playing with. They are dressed in medieval costumes and armour. There is also a horse which comes with removable armour.

pm castle 4

It is easy to set up the castle as the instructions are clear. Everything clicks into place and the best part of it is that they can be taken apart for storage. It may be a bit challenging for a 4 year old but Ethan at 6 managed quite well on his own.

pm-castle 3

Once built, the castle is sturdy and there is no fear of parts falling apart even when the knights are facing attack! 🙂

What we loved about the playset –

  • Lovely to look at – very attractive
  • Easy to set up – clear instructions
  • Attention to detail
  • Sturdy and can withstand attacks 😉
  • Lots of extras – trap-door, dungeon, crossbow, flags, armour

I am also really pleased that with PLAYMOBIL you can actually purchase spares. This is perfect so if there is a little bit lost, you can purchase it separately so that the playset it not spoilt.

The playset is ideal for imaginative play and is also great for an impromptu History lesson at home.

The playset it priced at £59.99 and though it may seem a bit expensive, it is well worth the cost when you consider the superior quality of the product and the many hours of play that you get from it. It is available from PLAYMOBIL online and at all major retailers.

Disclaimer: We were sent the above playset for review as part of the #PLAYMOBILPlayologist programme. All ideas and opinions are my own. 

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