Playing Doc with the Doc McStuffins Spotty Lambie Playset

Aeryn loves Doc McStuffins, the popular television series on Disney Jr., and she is always playing doctor. What better toy to practise your doctor skills on than Lambie?

We were sent this Doc McStuffins Spotty Lambie Playset and Aeryn could not wait for it to arrive. (Yes, I made the mistake of telling her before it did and the even bigger mistake of showing her what it looked like!!)


When it did arrive, it was worth the wait.


The Playset includes –

  • Lambie
  • a heart shaped sponge
  • empty cream pot
  • glitter magnifying glass
  • plaster cast
  • plaster box
  • 4 removable plaster stickers.

Lambie looks as adorable as on telly. You can move her head and hands and legs and has this cute bow on her head.


The best part is that if you rub the spots with the heart shaped sponge, they disappear. They do come back after some time so you can practise your skills all over again.

The plaster cast fits Lambie’s foot and this is also great fun.


The playset is ideal for role play and is fun for any little child aged 3+. Though Doc McStuffins is a girl on television, I do know that there are many boys who enjoy watching the series too. So Lambie can be a great gift for any gender.

The toy is really well made and is sturdy enough to withstand a little rough play yet not too hard that a little child can hurt himself.

Lambie’s legs can move and she can sit on her own if positioned properly.

I love watching Aeryn at play with this toy. She has so much fun with it and who knows, it may just encourage her to become a doctor in the future!


Priced at £24.99, it is an ideal gift to add to a Doc McStuffins collection or just on its own.

Disclaimer: I was sent the above product to review. All ideas and opinions are my own.

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