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We received the Playfoam to review from Learning Resources  and the children were quite thrilled to have it to play with.

The great thing about this is that it does not dry out and that involves many hours of squishing it around. It feels a bit sticky to touch but it does not leave the hands feeling grimy or ‘icky’ as my children say.

When I first saw it, I was worried that the little balls would come apart and be all over the place. This however did not happen and the little balls stick together leaving no mess.

The children mixed all the colours together and they now have a multicoloured mass instead of separate colours as it is a bit difficult to remove the colours separately once they have been joined to make something.

One downside that I found and can be worked with is that it seemed to collect any bits of dust or food that is on the floor and that makes it kind of messy to play with. If you manage to keep the children crafting only at a table, then it’s a fabulous idea.

We had a squirrel making competition and it was great fun.                           photo-3


I also found it quite a good exercise to make it into a ball and squeeze it as my wrist gives me trouble sometimes.

It’s a great idea for schools as it never dries out and is quite versatile.

If you think you would like this product for your children, head over to the Learning Resources Facebook page and enter their competition to win.


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