Pizza Made Easy with Gino D’Acampo’s new Bake With Me Range

Last week was quite a week. I had lots of lovely surprises and one of them (that really made my week) was cooking with Gino D’Acampo – AT HIS HOME!!

I was not alone (unfortunately) but had lots of other lovely bloggers with me (fortunately?)

We were there to try out Gino’s  new pizza dough range which launched at ASDA on Monday.


The new pizza dough range is so convenient and inexpensive too. It is quite like puff pastry sheets so it is already rolled and all you need do it to unroll it, put your toppings on and then put it into the oven for about 15 minutes and you’re done.


We made pizza with Gino and they tasted fantastic. The bit I loved most was the Nutella and banana dessert/snack/anytime fix that he prepared by simply spreading Nutella, adding sliced bananas, then rolling up and slicing(much like pizza pin wheels) and then baking.

I also learnt some top tips from Gino  –

  • Tear the mozzerella
  • Add the delicate toppings like fresh herbs e.g. basil  or parma ham just a few minutes before the total cook time so they don’t get burnt or wilt completely (now I know why my pizza tasted a bit dodgy all this time)
  • Strong meats like pepperoni, salami can be added at the start with the sauce
  • When adding the sauce keep about a finger space witdth all around the pizza base

As if i didn’t know all this. (I so didn’t!)


I had a lovely time and did go into Asda where the pizza dough is available exclusively for a while but there was none in the Asda near my home so will have to try another one.

I can see the children really enjoying making pizza with me and for me since it involves no mess and is so inexpensive, I love it too.

The range consists of family pizza base, thin and crispy base and a kit which includes a base and sauce. The prices start at £1 (yes, you read it right)

We had a lovely afternoon and I would like to thank Gino for being such a wonderful host.



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