Pip Ahoy Toys from John Adams – Review

You  must know about Pip Ahoy. It’s a show on Channel 5 that the kids absolutely love. Pip and his friends rescue people and solve problems within the community and is filled with fun.

Well, we were sent a collection of Pip Ahoy Toys from John Adams and the children enjoyed playing with them. They still do actually!


We were sent the Lighthouse Playset, Mr. Morris’ Bubble Train, Skipper’s Bucket, 12″ Talking Pip, 8″ Alba Plush

Pip ahoy

The Lighthouse Playset is great for recreating stories around Pip as it includes a Pip figure as well as a little lifeboat. It is quite a good size and you can shift around the little picnic table. There is a movable lift inside the lighthouse that Pip can ride up in. There are also cupboards and lifts that open and shut.

pip ahoy 1

It is quite a complete piece for the children to play with and is good quality as one expects from John Adams. It is also brightly coloured that is so attractive to kids.

pip ahoy 4

Mr Morris’ Bubble Train is a delightful train for little ones. The seats bob up and down and there are points where you can add other figures too. The bubble effect of the spout is rather sweet too. It comes with a Mr. Morris figure.

pip ahoy 3

Skipper’s Bucket has perhaps been the most popular because of the fact that it doubles up as a bath toy. The boat can be used as a pull along and it rocks gently when pulled. It is also a great bath toy and it is a regular at bath time. It comes with a Skipper figure as well as points where you can add other figures.

Pip ahoy 5

The Talking Pip toy is cute with Pip being able to say phrases from the show when his tummy is pressed. It also comes with batteries which I love. It’s so disheartening to have a toy and then discover there are no batteries.

The little Alba plush is Aeryn’s favourite and she loves cuddling up with it in bed. It’s her faithful night time toy.

There are many other toys in the range and you can have a look at the entire range in this video here. The range is ideal for any little Pip Ahoy fans for Christmas as together they make a lovely package.

Disclaimer: I was sent the above products for review. All ideas and opinions are my own. 

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