Pick ‘N’ Mix Jewellery anyone?

Do you love the Pick ‘n’ Mix counters? I do and obviously so do the children. Dolly sweets are my favourite.

Imagine our delight at being given Pick ‘n’ Mix to review! Only thing this time we had to make jewellery with it…and make the sweets too! Intriguing!

pick n mix4

Yes, we were sent a Pick ‘n’ Mix jewellery making set from My Style

It consists of making your own little Pick ‘n’ Mix sweets from felt and then stringing them together to form a bracelet, earrings or a necklace. What a totally lovely idea!

pick n mix2

The set includes

  • 120 felt strips in 8 colours
  • 170 felt squares in 8 colours
  • Toothpicks
  • Ribbon
  • Stretch jewellery cord
  • Black jewellery cord
  • Jump rings Clasps
  • Clamshell clasps
  • Earring hooks
  • And a delightful plastic storage box to keep the beads/sweets in.

The sweet shapes or beads are really easy to make as the felts are self-adhesive

For the square sweets all one needs do is align the square so that the holes each each are placed on top of one another and also make sure the there are adhesive sides on the outside.

pick n mix1

To make the round sweet you need a little more patience. Start by wrapping the felt around the toothpick as shown in the picture. Make sure that it is tightly wound on it. Remove the toothpick and then align the long hole with the round hole so that you can push the toothpick through. Use the toothpick to thread the holes and the adhesive helps stick the felt together as you roll it up to form a ‘dolly sweet’

You can use any combination you like and it is great fun to see who can get innovative.

Jadyn and I made a bracelet ( I am over 8 – you know !)

Then I helped her to make a pair of earrings. They are pretty don’t you think?

pick n mix 5

I personally loved this set as it is a great way to keep girls occupied and it is very creative. Jadyn tends to get distracted by the gadgets around her but I was pleased to see that she wanted to keep at it and make stuff. The pieces are all well-made and of good quality so you get some really nifty looking jewellery. 

I think the idea is very innovative and just right for any little girl that is into fashion and designing.

The only small suggestion we had is that the small square felts and the longer felts should have been keep separately as they tend to get muddled up in the packet.

The target age is 8 and think this is the right age as it maybe a little difficult for younger children.

The beads, when made, really do look good enough to eat! So if you have little ones, be careful that they don’t swallow them. It is meant for children aged 8+ and there is a warning that it has small parts.

You can make 8 pieces of jewellery with the parts provided and it would make the perfect gift for a little girl.

Pick ‘n’ Mix jewellery is priced at £12.99 and I think it is totally worth it.

All this talk about Pick ‘n’ Mix makes me feel like getting some now. Anyone joining me for dolly sweets?


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