Philips Disney Sleep Time Mickey Light Review

As a parent, I wake up amazed and probably a little over tired (!) when I sleep through the night without disruption of either my youngest waking up and walking into my room for a cuddle, my son talking in his sleep (I mean a whole conversation!) or my eldest sleep walking (and having no memory of it the next morning).

And you know that extra hour in bed that every one looks forward to in October? Well, to me that remains a myth! My kids’ body clocks obviously have very powerful batteries.


I was recently sent this amazing Sleep Time Mickey Light from Philips and sleeping habits have been better, I must say.

Features of the light include –

  • Colourful, inspiring and interesting design for kids – moon for sleep and sun for waking up
  • Easy set-up of alarm
  • Reassuring friend during the children’s sleep time
  • Easy, safe and accessible on/off switch
  • Routine indicator (moon for sleep and sun for getting up)

First of all, the light in itself is really adorable to look at. With most children’s favourite Disney character – Mickey, you can’t go wrong.

I like that the reading light is quite bright and is so easy for little children to switch on if they need the toilet at night or if they are scared. It can instantly light up the room but not enough to be glaring.

I found it really easy to set up the time and the alarm.

sleeptime_mickey__zoomed_in_ (1)

The routine indicator it a great idea with the moon for the night and the sun for the day. It is perfect for setting a routine for children especially for younger children who can’t read time. They can understand the difference between day and night (even when the sun is out until 9pm).

The light is also a good size and is a great addition to any Disney themed child’s room.

It is priced at £49.99 and is available at all major retailers.


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