Philadelphia Flip and Dip – Are You a Double Dipper?

We all love Philadelphia soft cream cheese right? We use it as spreads and dips and may even dip a spoon into it and eat it neat. But the one question I have for you is – are you a double dipper?

If you aren’t – you may just turn into one after tasting the new Philadelphia Flip and Dip.

Philadelphia Flip and Dip is the brand new dip perfect for sharing at summer parties. Lightly whipped Philadelphia cream cheese, topped with one of three mouth-watering sauces, including Sweet Chili, Mexican Salsa and Caramelised Onion.  

Simply flip on a plate, watch the sauce top the lightly whipped cheese as you and your guests get stuck into something delightfully different. But, be warned, it’s so flipping delicious, food etiquette could quickly be forgotten and you might be caught in the act of double dipping as your party guests go flipping crazy for this deliciously tempting dip. They may even disregard the crudités, bread sticks and crisps, and uncontrollably tuck in with a spoon…or even their fingers!

And in case you don’t know what double dipping is –

*Double dipping is the act of putting a food item, for example a vegetable or tortilla chip, into a dip, taking a bite and then putting the item back in again.*

We tried ours out with the tortilla chips and I *just about* managed not to double dips. I mean these dips are seriously ‘double dippable’

The children of course had no qualms and double dipped to their hearts content.

We loved all the flavours but our personal favourite was unanimously the Mexican Salsa.

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