At the Petmiere of The Secret Life of Pets

On Saturday, we headed into London to Prince Charles Cinema in Leicester Square for a Petmiere. Yes, you read it right!


It was an event that saw Martine McCutcheon attend a screening of The Secret Life of Pets to celebrate the release of the film on Blu-ray™ and DVD as of yesterday.

It was no ordinary screening as the celebrities had been invited with their pets to launch a series of ‘Pups and Parents screenings.

The ‘Pups and Parents’ screenings kicked  off with an exclusive ‘Petmiere’ of The Secret Life of Pets on Saturday  and the red carpet event played host to a number of other celebrity guests, their children and pets with fun in the foyer and pampering for the pooches on opening night.

Following the ‘Petmiere’, the public now get the chance to treat their tiny tots and perfect pets to a special day out, with  three further free ‘Pups and Parents’ screenings at Prince Charles Cinema showing firm family favourites at the following times and dates: 

Saturday 19th November – The Secret Life of Pets  1.00pm

Saturday 26th November – Despicable Me  1.00pm

Sunday 4th December – Despicable Me 2  1.00pm

We had missed the film when it was out in cinemas so it was great to be able to see it this time round. The children enjoyed the film and thought it was quite funny. It is targeted to children and of course any one who has a pet will identify with the behaviour  of the pets in it.

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