Personalised gifts from Etch’d

I love getting personalised gifts, don’t you? And Etch’d seems the perfect place to get what you need.

I was sent this lovely MacBook sleeve. It’s leather and I guess it makes it clear to people to keep their hands off –

There are some lovely wooden phone cases which I think are different from the run of the mill ones.


I love this wooden watch. It’s so vintage and if I go by what my daughter advises – vintage is IN!


Have you heard of wooden sunglasses? Apparently, they are in too!


Presenting a wide range of wooden styles to suit most faces and all seasons, these Wooden Sunglasses are perfect for year-round use. Fully equipped with polarised lenses to ensure the eyes are protected from the suns harmful rays, etch with the wearers favourite holiday destination or initials for an individual look.

For a slightly different journal, you may want to look at this refillable cork bound journal which is unique and durable, making it a traveller’s best friend. Complete with elastic fastening and a detachable feather charm, etch with the skyline of the next destination for a memorable keepsake.

Remember all these can be ‘etched’ with your loved one’s name or a slogan or a short message. What better way to make it a Christmas to remember? For more gift ideas visit – Etch’d

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