Persil Powergems Non-Bio Detergent – A Revolutionary Laundry Experience

With family of 5, laundry is a big thing in our house. I have never had an empty washing basket. Not from want of trying – it’s just that the moment I empty it, it seems to magically fill up again.

I was asked to review the new Persil Powergems and I jumped at the opportunity as I am aways looking to try out new laundry products to make my work easier.

I couldn’t find the Powergems in Tesco or Waitrose as they were sold out but I managed to pick some up in Asda and they were on a really good deal as the 30 wash was down from £11 to £8. I got the Non-Bio version and couldn’t wait to try it.

The Powergems are tiny and look like confetti but they are packed with the power to make the wash experience so much more effective. When I uncapped it, I loved the fragrance. (I always try and get a scent of the detergent before I buy).

Powergems have the following features –

They contain two and a half times more cleaning agents for oil and grease based stains and eight times more fabric shielding molecules to effectively remove stains.

They are free from ingredients that leave residue on clothes making them last longer.

They use fragrance release technology to provide an enhanced fragrance experience.


I was a bit sceptical about using them as most detergents don’t follow up with the features advertised. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Persil Powergems did follow through and the clothes did come out cleaner and smelling fresher.

Besides it’s so much easier than using a gel wash as there is no spillage.

The Powergems are quite tiny so I’m glad that there is a very secure locking cap for it.

The RRP for Persil Powergems 12 wash is £5.00, 19 was is  RRP £8.00 and 30 wash is RRP £11.00

Although, there are deals on and as I said I bought the 30 wash for £8.

I would definitely recommend using Persil Powergems for clean, fragranced laundry. For more information visit

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