Peppa Pig Holiday Time Air Jet – Review

It’s almost Easter break and many of you will probably be going on holidays either within the UK or abroad. What better way to tie in a holiday with toys?

Character Options has brought out a Peppa Pig Holiday range that is perfect for getting the children excited about going on holiday and having fun.

The range is colourful and fun and I’m sure with the wide range, there’ll be something for every one.

We were sent the Peppa Pig Holiday Time Air Peppa Holiday Jet and Aeryn just loves it.


The plane is a good size and you can open up the door and Peppa can sit in one of the seats. Peppa is dressed in her characteristic red dress and a sun hat. She is articulated and you can pose her to sit in the plane or stand with her luggage waiting for take off.


It comes with 2 suitcases – I’m surprised at the luggage she carries.

The baggage area also opens up to store the suitcases.


The plane is a huge hit at home and the kids play with it all the time.

We had previously reviewed Peppa Pig Holiday Sunshine Villa  from the holiday range and that’s a great product too.

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