Penguin Pile Up Review

It’s getting chilly out there…or it soon will.

Unfortunately, we probably won’t have snow in London yet again but we did have penguins visit us very recently.

The cold evenings mean we prefer to stay in and what better way to have fun than to play a board game?

Penguin Pile Up is a great game as it is even meant for little ones as young as 4. No more whining when the littlest can’t enter into the spirit of play.

The game is really easy to set up. You have an iceberg that sits on a base.

And you have 20 penguins that you’ve got to assemble. This was great fun and the children enjoyed putting them together.

Once the penguins are ready, you’re ready to start the game.

The aim of the game?

Place the penguins on different levels of the iceberg making sure that none of them fall. If on your turn any of the penguins fall, you need to pick them up and add them to your penguins.

The one left with no penguins at the end is the winner.

I know that may sound sad but it is also a game that one can play alone. There won’t be winners but you can see how many penguins you can balance and challenge yourself.

We enjoyed playing this as it was an easy game to involve everyone. It is also a game that does not take long so it’s not a drag and children enjoy it. The penguins are ever so cute too.

Penguin Pile Up is from Ravensburger and it has the same great quality as all Ravensburger products.

It is priced at about £19.99 but there are quite a few deals on the game at the moment so it is less on a lot of online retailer stores.

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