Peace of Mind with the Spotter GPS Tracker

I am always extremely careful when going out with the children especially while on holiday. It just take the blink of an eye to have a child get lost.

I remember the time Ethan wandered off to look at something and we lost him for about 3 minutes. It felt like a lifetime.

Luckily there are things that will ensure that this never happens. Like the Spotter.

The Spotter is a user friendly GPs tracker that makes it easy for people to track something or someone. It is small and looks like a car fob and can easily be put into a pocket or a backpack (when on a day trip).

The spotter is easily tracked through a Spotter app that can be downloaded for free on the App Store or Google Play.

The great thing about this tracker is the SOS button which when pressed sends a message to the app or the online account and you can CALL the spotter. You can actually talk to the person which is great for when children get lost or if they are away from home and don’t have access to a phone.

The only downside is that since the Spotter is manufactured in the Netherlands, it is a European call. You have to ensure that you call through Skype to cut costs.

When we used the Spotter, I found it to be a good receiver and I could track progress quite easily. The app updates every minute. And what is best is that the tracker is accurate.

Communication when I called was also quite clear and we could hear each other well.

I think this is also a great product and peace of mind with aged parents or people suffering from Alzheimer’s.

The Spotter includes a charger and it charges quite quickly – in about 2 – 3 hours it is fully charged.

The Spotter works throughout Europe at no extra charge which is great for when you are on holiday. Also, you get the first month free. You then, have to upgrade to extend the service but can choose from 1, 6 or 12 month options. It is priced at £4.99 a month.

The Spotter is priced at about £65 which is pretty reasonable for this sort of gadget. It works well and is well worth it for peace of mind.

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