Panasonic Fridge Freezers – Perfect For Any Kitchen

With the children growing fast and each one having different desires when it comes to food and snacks, I am beginning to realise that I need a larger fridge-freezer.

I currently have a normal 2-door Fridge-Freezer but all it takes is the weekly grocery shop and it’s filled to capacity. Very often things that can be refrigerated for longer life lie outside on my kitchen counter. I remember, I would freeze my bread and then use it later for it to be as fresh as the day of purchase. Now, I don’t have the place to do that.

I have been coveting the American Style Fridge Freezer for sometime now and this would be perfect for my needs. Not sure where it would go in my kitchen but believe me, if I got presented with one, I would make place!! (I do have a birthday coming up in case anyone is feeling generous)

I had a look on the Panasonic website for Fridge Freezers and loved the look of this one. The first thing that caught my eye was that it mentioned ‘Stainless steel with Anti-fingerprint’. Just up my street with the children leaving prints everywhere.

It has a good capacity of 530 litres. My current one is about 300 I think. I can do so much more shopping at one go.

I absolutely love the Vitamin Safe feature that involves keeping the fruits and vegetables stay fresh in a separate compartment which can be temperature regulated independently from the rest of the fridge. It also features an LED light to stop them losing vitamins. Impressive!

It also has something else that I quite covet and this is the ice making feature and the cold water feature that most of these American style Fridge Freezers have.

Definitely on my list of future buys.

Having said this, even the normal fridge freezers from Panasonic come with some great features like Vitamin LED, Hygiene Air and Flash Freeze technology.

I think it’s time for me to upgrade!


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