Beatrix Potter to David Walliams, the Best Kids’ Books

The Best Stories to Read to Your Children It’s been a long day, work has been hectic, your feet are aching, and you still have a pile of ironing the size of Mount Everest to conquer. Your daughter is waiting patiently waiting for a goodnight kiss and a bedtime story, so you wearily climb the […]

Fun Family Holiday in Europe on a Tight Budget

Fun family holidays will always be remembered by each family member and if you’re thinking of going to Europe this time around, it is best to start planning now because according to ABTA, 63% of the UK population have plans to go to Europe this year. Families on a tight budget should not be discouraged though, even if airlines […]

Who’s Your Favourite Disney Character?

What Your Favourite Disney Character Says About You Adult life is all about making difficult decisions, but perhaps the most difficult decision to make of all is choosing what your favourite Disney character is. Jim Shore Disney Traditions (see the website: are dedicated to bringing your favourite Disney characters to life. But which characters […]

Visiting San Clemente in Orange County, California

The great thing about being in Southern California is that there is so much to see and do around here. The beaches are just a short drive away from Los Angeles and you can also drive to the hills and yes – see snow on the mountain tops if you so wish. Not far from […]