Ozeri 4X3 Motion Digital Pocket 3D Pedometer Review

My plan this year was to lose weight and one of the ways in which I thought I would put this plan into action was by doing some serious walking/running.


The Ozeri Pedometer was thus a welcome product to review and I now realise that I can’t do without it.

This pedometer is a bit different to others and when I say different I say it in a good way.

First of all  – it is lightweight and very discreet. It works well when in a purse or on one’s belt or hanging around one’s neck with the lanyard provided in the box.

The 3D Tri-Axis technology ensures an accurate reading in any position. ( I did have a pedometer on my phone but each time the phone switched off, it kind of stopped reading so I had to keep turning my phone on)

Although having said that, I love the yellow colour so I don’t mind it showing.

Secondly, it records accurately and gives options of steps, calories, distance and speed.

It is great for use as a calendar and if you’re like me and have the habit of forgetting your watch, then yes it also has a time function.


The split screen is an amazing addition which allows you to look at your results at a glance and you don’t have to go through a number of buttons.


It also records up to 7 days of activity so you can compare days and then do more or take it easy. (I find it easier to complete most of my target at the start of the week and then take it easy on the weekend)


The blue-light display is great for running at night (or early evening in the winter!!)

With Christmas and the New Year on the horizon, this is an ideal gift for someone who is looking to get fit.

I love this pedometer as it doesn’t look cheap like some of the other ones out there and it has a nice solid feel to it.

It retails at £39.99 but there are always deals on Amazon and you can pick it up at some really amazing prices sometimes.

Disclaimer: I was sent the above product for review. All ideas and opinions are my own.

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