OXO Good Grips – Egg Beater and Pastry Brush: Perfect for baking

I bake – a lot! With the children and on my own. It can get quite painful for me to whisk the batter or get the cream into stiff peaks especially with my tennis elbow.

I think the good people at OXO heard me and decided to make my life and baking a more pleasant experience.

I was sent the OXO Good Grips Egg Beater and Silicon Pastry brush and this has been a boon for me.

How so?gg-egg beater



Well, firstly the egg beater helps me get the eggs all fluffy and the butter and sugar creamy. It also helps to get the batter smooth for pancakes and the eggs stiff for meringues and to get whip the cream to perfection.

I really can’t do without this during baking.




What is really nice about this is that the stainless steel beaters are removable when they need washing and it is also easy to remove the entire beating unit. Mess free cleaning.

The stainless steel blade extends longer than the beater so you don’t touch the ends of the mixing bowl.




egg 2The pastry brush has been amazing for making cookies, brushing over steak and greasing.

The pastry brush is heat resistant to 600 degrees F and this is great for me to brush over meat and fish when the actual cooking process is on.

pastry brush

I like the idea that the brush angles so when you put it down flat in between cooking it does not mess up the kitchen counter – its the little things…

The best part is that I don’t have the messy, clumped up brush with the oil that is so difficult to wash. I used this just once and pitched my old brush away.

The brush is also odour resistant which means that I can use it for the next meal without the oil odours sticking to it.

I love using OXO Good Grips because of the strong, durable handles that provide a ‘good grip’ even if my hands are wet. They feel solid in the hand (if you know what I mean!)

Disclaimer: I was sent these OXO Good Grips products to review and it makes my baking easier. All ideas and opinions are my own.

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