Out of the darkness, comes the light – an original poem by Yours Truly

 In this day and age, where most we ever hear about is war and killing and hatred, I thought this fitting.

We all have one life to live  – why do we spend it in sadness? Hopefully soon light will dawn and we will all start leading better lives.

Out of the darkness,comes the light –

As night gives way to morn;

And though our lives be fraught with strife

A brighter day will dawn.

Freedom from the chains of Hate –

The seeds of whom we sow;

And we shall break through all the walls,

And learn to love once more.

Destiny may hunt us down,

Show us a future bleak;

And yet we’ll face the prophecy

And peace within us seek.

A friend will help another,

And war will be destroyed,

A loving hand will reach out,

And be a better guide.

A smile that will be given

To melt the tears away.

And everyone will always have

A kindly word to say.

Life will be rewarding,

Love will be around,

Pain will slowly fade away,

Happiness abound.

Each day will dawn a joyous morn

That everyone looks to

Everyone will give their best

And each one get his due.

The lines dividing rich and poor –

Will slowly disappear.

There will be no more reason

To live in constant fear –

The fear of another

More powerful than you,

Who’ll take all that you have to give

And wreck all that you do.

After each night of darkness

Will come the light of morn –

And every day in every way

Man will be reborn.



Copyright Jacinta Zechariah 2013

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