Our Zack and Quack Twitter Party

You must have read about us being Zack and Quack Party Hosts and if you were following on Twitter, you may have seen what we were upto at the party. If you didn’t, here is how we enjoyed ourselves.

I had a few of my children’s friends over for the party and we were ready and raring to go at 3.45 pm. Perhaps, us mums were a tad bit more excited than the children! 🙂

We started off by using the craft supplies to make a car. Everyone put their heads together to come up with ideas and to put them into action.



And then, the time came for us to sit and watch the premiere of Zack and Quack on Nick Jr. The television had the children’s undivided attention during that time.


We thought the series is really nice and loved the idea of the pop-up world. I loved pop-up storybooks as a child so I quite enjoyed watching this. We also watched closely so that we could take part in the competitions being held on Twitter.

Zack and Quack Twitter Party
A big thumbs up to Zack and Quack

After that it was time for the children to do some cookie decorating and other activities.


Then it was time to go home – but of course, not empty handed. Each child was given a goody bag to take home.


Needless to say, we still watch the series on television as the younger two enjoy it immensely. We love Belly Hop, Kira and Hop and Skip.

Zack and Quack airs on Nick Jr at 4.30 pm on Fridays.

Disclosure: I was provided with craft material, goody bags and monetary compensation for the purpose of this post/Twitter Party. All ideas and opinions are my own.



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