Our trip to Sea Life London

The children love sea creatures so to be told they were visiting Sealife London Aquarium, really made their day.

sea life 1

We live in Greater London so decided to take the car and we found easy parking very near the London Aquarium and it was fairly reasonable too, for London!

We had to purchase two tickets as we were given two tickets for the purpose of review.

On entry, you have the Shark Walk and the children thought this a lot of fun as we could see the sharks swimming underfoot below the glass platform.

You then head to the lift which takes you to the highest level and you wind your way through the different areas from there.


We visited all the areas – Tidal Reach, Ray Lagoon, Dive Discovery, Atlantic Depths, The Rainforest Adventure, The River Thames Story, Penguins Life Adventure and the Shark Reef Encounter.


Obviously the Ocean Tunnel was a big favourite. It was great to see a big sea turtle swimming just above our heads. The children were a little disappointed with the Penguin area as they expected to see them more up close.


Rainforest Adventure

Ethan loved the sharks the most and Jadyn loved the sea horses.

Hubs and Jadyn tried out the hurricane simulator.


It is a great day out for the children and if you have a 2 for 1 entry, it is not that expensive.  It takes about an hour and a half to go through the attraction.


After that, bear in mind that this is the centre of London and there is lots to see and do around there – The London Eye; and across the Thames is Big Ben so it is easy to make a day of it.


Disclaimer – We were given 2 tickets to visit Sealife London. We purchased another two tickets. All opinions and ideas expressed are my own.




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