Our Tamagotchi Friends Party

tama party4

As you must know from my review of Tamagotchi Friends, we quite enjoy playing with them.
The icing on the cake was then to be invited to host a ‘Tamagotchi Friends’ party and to be sent some lovely things for the party as well as 4 Tamagotchi friends – 2 to keep and 2 to give away.

tama party 8

Jadyn was more than thrilled as that meant she could ‘bump’ with her friends.

We spent the run up to the party deciding on party food and what games we would play. We decided to play musical statues and pass the parcel.

We had invited 2 of Jadyn’s friends from her class, one of them with her little sister and I had invited a family friend with her 3 children.
Unfortunately my friend could not make it so it was just jadyns friends and my 3.
We had prepared some party bags with chocolate eggs, tamagotchi writing Pads and Tamagotchi candy. We had also put up some posters around the house so it did look quite like a party.

tama party1
Once the children arrived, we did some crafting. We had finger sandwiches, hot dogs and cupcakes for lunch.  After lunch, it was time to set up the games.

tama party2

The first game was musical statues and here is the prize winner.

tamagotchi 6
The prize for ‘Pass the parcel’ was won by

tama party 7
They were both thrilled to get a tamagotchi as they had not been expecting that. ‘To keep?’ they asked. Yes….
Well after that the party was more or less over as the girls wanted to play with their new friends and bump them.

We love the Tamagotchi friends in our home.  In fact the children take them wherever they go and play with them in the car. Jadyn is on her 4th generation and Ethan on his second. I am also given the task of ‘babysitting’ the Tamagotchi sometimes when the children are at school. I don’t mind really, as I get a little play too.

I think Tamagotchi is a really sweet concept and it is an easy game to play. The batteries last long and it keeps children engaged.

Here are our top tips while playing with your Tamagotchi Friends –

  1. If you are not going to play with it for some time – push the first two buttons to put it on pause.
  2. Bump carefully – You only have 5 bumps in 24 hours.
  3. Set the contrast to medium  – this gives you the best imaging.
  4. We found the ‘select ‘game the easiest to play to get more points
  5. Take your Tamagotchi everywhere with you, it helps relive the boredom and you don’t need Wi-Fi.

 Disclaimer: I was sent the above products to enable me to host the Tamagotchi Friends party.  All ideas and opinions are my own.

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