Our Stay and Play Experience at Nursery

Okay….so I am a little miffed. I have a right to be.

After all the worry about Aeryn going to school, even though it was a Stay and Play and not really a school day, I had nothing to worry about. In fact just the opposite.

In the run up to the day and preparing her for school, she has been playing school. Which means that she gets a bag ready and then says ‘Bye Mummy’ . Hubs is usually the teacher in school and she ‘goes in’, says ‘Good Morning’ and then answers the questions the teacher asks her – ‘have you done your homework?’ etc.

She then ‘comes home’ and I have to ask her if she did reading, writing, ate her lunch, played with her friends etc. (Do I really ask the others so many questions?)

She even responded when asked her teacher’s name ‘Mrs Smith’ . Of course, she kind of got her tongue in a twist and it sometimes came out as ‘Mrs Smat’ (It is kind of difficult for a  3 year old to say Mrs Smith)

But she has never been without a family member and is very attached to me , so naturally I was worried.

Then about 2 days before the actual ‘event’, she decided she didn’t want to go to school. It was ‘I don’t want to go to school. I want Mummy’.

Oh no! That didn’t bode well. It meant she would have a meltdown when I tried to leave her there. Because we were supposed to leave the children to get accustomed to staying.

Right until the time we were on our way to school, she maintained that she didn’t want to go.

And then….when we reached the gate and it was time to leave her and say goodbye….

She just ran in, didn’t say bye, no goodbye kiss. I was more than miffed!!

But I turned tail and ran too….in the opposite direction, in case she looked back and changed her mind.

All said and done, when I came back to pick her up, she had had a fantastic time.

And yes she does want to go again in September.

Till then, we will keep playing school at home.

2014-07-18 07.01.49


Do you have a little one starting Nursery? How was your ‘Stay and Play’?

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