Our new digital friend – Tamagotchi

You have heard of Tamagotchi haven’t you? Maybe you have even had one of your own when you were younger. After all, the very first Tamagotchi was released in 1996.

Tamagotchi Friend is an interactive virtual friend that responds and develops differently depending on how you treat it.

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Of course, the Tamagotchi Friends does have updated features like a better screen resolution and being able to ‘bump’ it with different Tamagotchis.

The game allows you to raise your very own virtual creature. It begins with an egg that hatches and then you care and love your Tamagotchi to have it grow from a toddler, to a teenager, to an adult.

Tamagotchi Friends has 3 eggs, 2 babies, 4 children, 6 teenagers and 24 adult characters.

We started with a girl – Pinkbotchi (baby who then grew into Petithanatchi (child stage). Our teenager was Neotchi and our adult was Coffretchi who has a fluffy ponytail and starry eyes and is the cutest ever!

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The Tamagotchi has several things that you can do with your little virtual character – feed it, play games with it, toilet train it, take care of it when ill and pay attention to it when it calls for it.

There are different icons on the screen –

Stats (weighing scale) –this tells you all about the Tamagotchi – the name, age, gender, weight and generation.

Food – feed it a meal or snacks. You can buy different snacks and meals from the shop.

Toilet – Clean up the Tamagotchi’s mess when the screen is messy.

Door – This takes you to the outside area to play a game, shop, park, PC or Date Place.

Heart – Bump with other Tamagotchi friends to interact

Mail – receive and send messages and gifts

Chest – lists jewellery bought from the shop

Books – displays friends list

Medicine – Treat the Tamagotchi when ill

Attention – This lights up when your Tamagotchi is in need of something.

The games area has 3 games by default – Drop Catch, Select Get and Mimic. The other two games – Flower Count and Cake Catch can be unlocked if you 30 jewellery item and the BFF heart is filled halfway. Ours hasn’t as yet so I guess it takes a pretty long time to get there.


Once your Tamagotchi is 7 years, you can get him/her married. Go to the ‘door’ icon and scroll down to date place. Choose the mate you think will be perfect for your Tamagotchi and get them married. All too soon you will have a new egg that features with the parents. The parents stay with the baby for about an hour and then you have a new generation to take care of. After Jadyn got her Tamagotchi married they had a boy.


Jadyn and I put the Tamagotchi through the paces. We tried out everything and even did not feed it or play with it to see what would happen. It said ‘Bye Bye’ because it obviously died. So, don’t make the mistake of ignoring it. If you are not playing with it for some time, put it on Pause by pressing A and B together.

We tried the Bump version out too and when you ‘bump’ two Tamagotchi’s they ‘connect’ and you are able to give and receive gifts, send messages and visit each other’s houses. What fun.


The screen design keeps changing and at one stage when we changed the date to 31 October, there was a Halloween theme complete with Jack-o-lanterns!


The Tamagotchi is small enough to hold in a child’s hand which makes it easy to hold and take around. We have taken it to London on the Tube and I bet it liked the outing.

I must say that I have and still do enjoyed spending time with the Tamagotchi almost as much as Jadyn has.

I did feel that the screen could have been slightly larger and the resolution a little better to get better effects. However, you can adjust the contrast to make it darker or lighter if you like.

In the age when Tablets and Smartphone’s are the rage, one wonders how an idea like Tamagotchi can exist. Well, Jadyn has been really taken with it and has been so busy playing with her Tamagotchi that she has forgotten about the ‘App Store’. I now have my tablet all to myself. Besides you don’t require the Wi-Fi to play on it so it can be played with pretty much anywhere. You can also connect it to the PC from the PC menu and play games on the Tamagotchi Friends website.

It does require 3 ‘AAA’ batteries but I have to say that the batteries do last. We have had it a month and have been playing with it quite a bit and the batteries are still good.

Personally, I find the entire concept really endearing – being able to take care of your own little character and watching it evolve. It also brings about a bit of responsibility as you have to feed it and play with it and pay attention to it. Sometimes it demands quite a bit of attention with an audible beep (especially when little when it is constantly hungry and needing to be cleaned) and Jadyn goes – ‘Not again’. I guess she knows how it feels being a Mum! 😉

The Tamagotchi Friends retails at £24.99 and I think is well worth the price. There are many hours of play that one can spend with it and since you can have different generations and different characters, it never ceases to be boring. Another winner from Bandai.

In case you haven’t seen the advertisement – here it is

Disclaimer: We were sent the purple Tamagotchi to review on loan for 2 weeks. I then purchased the pink Tamagotchi because Jadyn loved it and I think it is a lovely toy. All ideas and opinions are my own. 

3 thoughts on “Our new digital friend – Tamagotchi

  1. I would love to have one of these for my child.I am a single mother and I’m not able to buy christmas gifts for my kids.so I t would be a blessing to receive one for my kids.

  2. Thanks for the review. It was very helpful. I know I am super late getting mine but I love it nonetheless. Mine is 5d old and I’m still learning quite a bit.

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