Our #GreenGiantsMinions Easy Peasy Bites

We love the minions and we can’t wait for the new Minions movie.

The children also love sweetcorn.


In the run up to the movie, we were challenged by Green Giant to come up with a Minion inspired meal preparation. The kids were very enthusiastic and offered all sorts of ideas.

So many ideas, so little time.

In the end we decided on something simple that the kids could potentially make on their own.

Sweetcorn and tuna spread ciabatta bites

It’s so easy to do. And you probably have all the ingredients at hand.

You will need –

  • Ciabatta bread or a baguette
  • Green Giants Sweetcorn 1 – 2 cans
  • Tuna spread
  • Olives
  • Blue food colouring
  • Cheese – Feta or Mozzerella



Method –

Spread the paste on a slice of ciabatta.

Add the sweetcorn to design a minion.  But wait, there’s a bit of a twist. Why are these sweetcorn kernels blue?

To help us make the dungarees we used blue food colouring to colour the corn. If you keep them for some time, they do get a more intense blue.

Add olives for the shoes and eyes. You can add a piece of cheese to make the eyes too.


We’ve also watched the trailer of the new Minions Movie and saw some Hawaiian minions which inspired us to make these ones.


These are great for after school snacks and are so quick and easy to do. Perfect for a Minions themed party where children can even make their own.

This is my entry for the Tots100/Green Giants Minions Challenge

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