Our first term of the school year

2014-10-25 06.27.55 I knew this term was going to be busy –

Jadyn was starting Year 5.

Ethan had finished the EYFS and starting Year 1.

Aeryn was starting Nursery.

Jadyn had done really well last year and I had high expectations this year.  Yes, I can be a pushy mum.

Ethan was no more a baby so he had to settle down and do more writing.

My baby – she had to do without me for 3 hours a day.

How did the term go? Where did time fly?

Jadyn has done well this term. The teacher had lovely things to say about her. She was also chosen to be Junior Safety Officer and she had to submit an application form for this. I am so proud of her.

Ethan in this short time has progressed by leaps and bounds in his reading and writing. I was surprised to hear him reading rather difficult words with ease. I am really proud of him.

And then Aeryn – I worried about her. She sticks to me. She just turned 3. How would she cope? She has never been to pre -school?

But my fears were unfounded. She has taken to school like a fish takes to water. I had envisaged tears, clinging, even a tantrum maybe…

But there were none. She can’t wait for the doors to open. She kisses me and runs inside. She gets stamps for being good everyday. I am so proud of her.

Yes, it’s been a good term. I am looking forward to half term. We have lots of stuff planned – events in London,  a short stay in Bournemouth,  Trick-o-treating and Ethan’s birthday. Busy, busy!

I also look forward to next term. It will be Christmas plays and fairs and lots of fun.

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