Our family holiday diary – the Sea Safari Experience

This is what got the children away from the beach and I have to say that not many things can – short of the promise  threat of no telly, devices for a year.  (Yeah I know it’s a little extreme)

They were very excited about the sea safari because I had told them we may see dolphins with my fingers crossed tightly. I did want to see them myself.

The Sea Safari tickets are available at Newquay Harbour at £20 per adult and £15 per child. We purchased our tickets for this one and though it worked out to £85, it was well worth the experience.

You travel out on a catamaran with a maximum of 12 people. Chris was our skipper.

The only slight problem we had was that we had to walk right across the harbour and then navigate some rather tricky steps. Don’t look down. Don’t look down. Keep saying that to yourself and you may feel better.

And then… we had to hurl ourselves into a rocking boat. Well, maybe not hurl but jump from the steps down at least 2 feet into the boat while it was about a foot away from the steps. Don’t look down – never look down.

It’s not always like that though. When the tides in you come into the harbour. A little less petrifying. 🙂

The moment we got in, Chris received a call to say there were dolphins nearby so we headed out to the area.




There was a pod of dolphins frolicking around the boat and swimming and keeping close to the boat.

It made us forget all about the access to the boat.

To see animals in their natural environment is truly an experience like no other.


The sea safari was 2 hours and we were also treated to some spectacular scenery and wildlife consisting of birds and seals.



But the dolphins – that was the highlight of the trip. It was an unforgettable experience.


To get back to the mainland we headed into the harbour and still had to navigate some steep steps with no handrails on the sea side !!!

And the tide was coming in where we had to walk across to get to solid ground.

But it was all worth it.

To see the dolphins.

To see the children’s delighted faces when they did.

You can try this out

6 thoughts on “Our family holiday diary – the Sea Safari Experience

  1. Oh wow, I had no idea you could have such an amazing experience with dolphins in the UK! Definitely on my list of things to do with the kids now, thanks so much for sharing and linking up with #travelwithkids

  2. Oh wow, what a great thing to do! Your photos are stunning! I will ask mummy to look for one of these near us – we live near the sea. Thank you for linking up to #travelwithkids

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