Our Family Holiday Diary – Our arrival at Porth

So, we have reached our destination, thanks to our Tomtom Go 5000.

It’s beautiful.

The villa is lovely and has everything we need. The kids are thrilled.


Porth beach is a 5 minute walk from Porth Veor Villas.


It was foggy when we went there and cold. But that didn’t stop the children from getting into the water. Until Aeryn fell into the water and got drenched. Did I mention that we didn’t have our beachwear at hand? Yeah, that!!

Dinner of microwave burgers and a cake for the celebration.

And then the natural – I want to sleep here, I don’t want to sleep with her/him.

What’s a family holiday without the bickering, eh?

More tomorrow… posts that is. Hopefully no bickering.

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