Our Entry to join the Center Parcs Family Blogger Club 2013/14

We have never been to Center Parcs but we know their villages are fantastic and that is why we would love to be chosen as Center Parcs Family Bloggers for 2013/2014  and be able to experience one for ourselves.

We love doing things together as a family and love creating a lifetime of memories. So, everywhere we go we make sure to bring back a souvenir to remember the place by.

We enjoy going on long walks, exploring new places in and around the UK as we feel there are so many places in the UK to be explored.

I firmly believe that since each day in our lives will never be lived over, we should enjoy each and everyday to the full.

We would love to be chosen and it would be a great privilege to be able to state on my blog that we are Center Parcs ambassadors.

We want to visit Center Parcs,

To wake in the morning like a lark –

Ready to run and explore and play

And return to our lodge at the end of day.

We’d like to go on wildlife walks

To encounter owls and eagles and hawks.

We’d like to bake and paint clay pots

Messy Play, Swim- a-song and Fun Pots with Tots

We’d like to witness a musical show,

Pantomime, winter wonders and much,much more.

Mum would like a day at the spa

Or maybe she’ll love dancing to Zumba.

We’ll try roller skating, Segway and bikes

And definitely go on lengthy hikes.

And then at the end of our holiday

We’ll head to Just Kids for a souvenir of our stay.

So when we’re back home and feel a bit sad,

We can remember the fun that we had.


Here is a short video to tell you what we enjoy doing together as a family…



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