Our entry in the Kids Capture the Colour Competition #KIDSCTC

Kids Capture the Colour

Jadyn has always had an aesthetic eye and a keen eye for colour. She has been worrying for her own camera to take pictures for ages. I love taking photos and ever since I began blogging I have begun to try out new ways of taking photographs, editing them and capturing stunning scenery.

All three children, on seeing me with the camera constantly, have taken a keen interest in photography. In fact when something is in for review, Aeryn, 2, takes my phone and tries her hand at clicking. Of course, none of those photos have been used so far as most often she has her hand in front of the lens!

When Travelsupermarket announced their Kid Capture the Colour competition in association with Venture Photogrraphy, I applied immediately as there was an added incentive to be among the first 100. They were giving away a digital camera to take the photos. Jadyn was overjoyed and so was Ethan as I told him that he could try his hand at taking some too.

We were sent a 14 Megapixel Fuji digital camera to help us capture the colour and I have to admit the children have come up with some beautiful pictures. The camera is the right size for little hands  and the children haven’t stepped out without it since we got it.

I like it too as I have quite a large camera that really doesn’t fit in my handbag so I borrow it often for pictures for my blog.

Since we entered the kids capture the colour competition I realise how differently children see things and I am also amazed at how well they can capture the colour. After giving the camera to my 8 year old daughter, I realised that she had a different view on the colours to what I would have had.

Also since she was enthusiastic about getting the perfect pictures, we went on many long walks to capture the colour and we had a great time exploring. She was very sincere about the whole thing and I was quite surprised at her dedication and involvement.

There were several in each category but we whittled it down to a few after several were captured.

Here are some in each category –


I have to admit that while I was uploading the pictures to write the post, I was quite amazed at what she had captured. She is probably better than me. I shall hand over all pictures to be taken for my blog posts over to her. One less thing for me to do. 🙂

All the photos below were taken on an exciting long walk to Osterley Park – a beautiful place with a different walkways, Osterley house, beautiful gardens and activities.

Here are the final photos for our entry in the Kids Capture the Colour Competition







Yellowyellow 1



The picture above is of Osterley house – home to Sir Francis Child in 1713.

I was also told to not forget to mention that the blue sky photo was taken by Ethan who is 4.

It has been enjoyable seeing Jadyn behind the lens and I must admit I am quite proud of what she captured. In our rush to get her perfect pictures (she is quite a perfectionist)l, we have also visited some wonderful places in the UK.

Disclaimer: This post is an entry in the Kids Capture the Colour Competition by Travelsupermarket. We were sent a digital camera to help the children take these stunning photos. All the photos taken are Jadyn’s views on capturing colour.

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  1. oh my god! these photographs are beautiful 🙂 phenomenal!i must say..hats off to the little genius … she’s probably better than all of us 🙂

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