Our Dry-venture with Aveeno

As a family, we do tend to go out and do quite a lot of fun things. As you know we do get invited to quite a few events and we enjoy trying out new experiences.

We also love to just make the most of sunny days and go out to the park or a walk and enjoy quality time together.

I did mention in my Dry-Ventures of Ellie and Eddie post that we had been sent a Go-Pro to capture our moments. I needed a bit of time to get used to using the Go-Pro simply because I am so used to seeing the video or photo as we film it. Not being able to do this was a bit of a trial for me, but when I saw the lovely videos that we had taken especially of the scenery on our drives in the car, I was quite impressed.

We were asked to capture some of our moments and after a few tries with capturing and editing, I finally managed to put together something to tell you the part that Aveeno plays in our lives.

We all suffer from dry skin – especially Ethan, so I have to make sure that our skin is moisturised before we step out. With the cold weather lasting longer than usual, we have had to use even more moisturiser. I love Aveeno for the fact that though it moisturises, you don’t have the sticky feeling on your body. And as I have said before – I love their Bath oil.

Here is our Dry-venture with Aveeno –


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