Our Doc McStuffins Twitter Party

Our Doc McStuffins party was so much fun. The children had a wonderful time.



We started off by having some free play with the lovely toys that we had been sent. The girls tried on the glasses that were in the Eye Doctor Kit.

We then went into the first game – a version of pass the parcel only we passed Doc around. The little ones had fun dressing up and they did it all in record time. So, they each got a little present.

doc party

The next game was the game of Tic-Tac-Toe and this was more for the older children but the little ones refused to be left out and I must say that they did pretty well.


Then it was time for lunch – sandwiches, drinks, fruit, some delicious snacks from Ella’s Kitchen and Kiddylicious and of course, the Doc McStuffins cake.


We then had some fun creating our very own eye charts and the glasses were a big hit.


The last activity was testing the eyes out and we had a few collective shout outs but I believe that everyone’s eyes seem to be fine.


And then –  the best part – goody bags. The children were very happy with their bags.



A big thanks to Disney UK and UKMumsTV for this wonderful event. Also thanks to Kiddilicious and Smyths Toys for being a part of this. I was thrilled to see that we were trending on Twitter.


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