Our Day Out at ZSL London Zoo – with Xeno

I was recently invited to a lovely event at London Zoo with the children. Now I suppose you must be wondering why it would be going to London Zoo yet again when I had been there recently?


Well, this was kind of special. I was invited to meet Xeno. Who’s Xeno?


Xeno is an adorable monster that children will love to have in their bedroom.

This interactive little toy is sure to steal your heart.

What can Xeno do?

Almost everything to keep your children entertained.  It talks, it wiggles it’s ears and even dances to music.

Xeno talks and you can understand legibly when he is hungry, happy, playful or grumpy. He has 40+ eye expressions to help you know what he is feeling.

Xeno has a body made of rubber and little rubbery spines that feel quite lovely to touch. The children enjoyed playing with him.


Xeno’s eyes also light up and animate for more fun.


There is a free App that you can download for even more fun. The app allows you to feed him, wash him and then give him a blow dry. Xeno interacts with the app too.


I think that Xeno is going to be a top toy for Christmas and I can tell you that any child will be thrilled with it.

Xeno will soon be joining us so do keep a look out for how we enjoyed playing with him.


We had loads of fun at the party and then of course even more fun as we toured the zoo – checked out the tiger cubs (who are not so little any more) and had a great day out.

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One thought on “Our Day Out at ZSL London Zoo – with Xeno

  1. London Zoo & Xeno I bet the kids had a wonderful day! I have never seen Xeno before but he sure does look like the type of toy my youngest nephew would love to have the christmas (He is soooo Cute). Thanks for sharing Rachel X

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