Our Crayola Glitter Dots Party with Tryazon

We were thrilled to be chosen to be Tryazon hosts for the Crayola Glitter Dots Party.

Now as you probably know, we love all things Crayola so we were really, really looking forward to showing off this new product to our friends and have a very creative afternoon. And the best part is that it promised to be mess-free!

We were sent a range of Glitter Dots to try out at the party and also to share some of the product with our party guests.

I made some colorful cupcakes that befit the party and that went down a treat.

And then it was on to introducing the product to our guests.

Glitter Dots are dots with glitter in them. You squish them onto a variety of surfaces and they stick to the surface and dry to level you with these beautiful glittery creations.

What was the general view of the party people?

They all thought that Glitter Dots were just amazing. Moms were especially pleased that there was no mess. Surprisingly even the glitter leaves your hands mess free. And we as moms know how messy glitter can be. In fact I would dread my children asking to do glitter craft as I knew what a mess followed.

Besides, which child does not like to play with squishy stuff?

The little pieces of glitter dots can easily be picked up with a larger glitter dot. So easy!


Here are our creations that were made with the Glitter Dots Sparkle Fills


Glitter Dots Sparkle Signs –


Glitter Dot Keychains –

These are sets that are part of the Glitter Dots range from Crayola. You can easily just use Glitter Dots 3 Color Assortment packs alone to create your own wonderful things. I have a few ideas for the holiday season which I shall share with you nearer the date.

Crayola Glitter Dots will be available for purchase Holiday 2019.

Here’s the official video from Crayola to see how Glitter Dots work –

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