Our Crafty Piggy Bank with Think Money

Little children are so much more aware of money and money matters today. If I give one of them change, the others make sure that they are quick to show up to collect their share. The other day, I heard my little one call out to the others saying- ‘Mummy’s giving out money’!! That got them down fast – faster than when I call out for dinner. Perhaps that’s what I should always call out instead.

I was recently asked by Think Money to enter a challenge to decorate a piggy bank. Now knowing how much the children love creating stuff, I figured they would enjoy it. Jadyn came up with the idea of making this angel pig and then even a better one of putting in money every week to give to Children In Need. I thought this was a lovely idea so putting it into force was even more fun.

think money


We painted our pig with swirls and then created our halo out of pipe cleaner. Cotton was stuck onto card to create wings. Really easy and so much fun.

think money 1


I was also asked to share my top financial tips, so here goes –

  1. Budget – Always have a budget and stick to it whether it be weekly grocery shopping, shopping for clothes or a celebration.
  2. Save, save, save – Put aside something everyday, however small and don’t touch it except in an emergency.
  3. Plan for the future – The future does not really take care of itself. Make sure you have a financial goal ahead and strive towards that.

We had a lovely time creating our Piggy bank thanks to the Think Money.

Disclaimer: This is my entry for the Think Money Budgeting with Children challenge. I was provided with the piggy bank and a voucher to purchase products to help me decorate it. All ideas and opinions are my own.

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