Our Blaze and the Monster Machines Twitter Party

You must have read that we were Blaze and the Monster Machines Twitter party hosts. If you did, I hope you managed to join us online and win a few prizes.

We had a lovely time hosting the party and the boys were thrilled to play with the new Blaze toys.

We welcomed our guests and introduced them to the new toys.



Then we set up our games and the children had a fun time –




Guessing if the eggs would sink or swim.



Yes, we did have things inside them and they were surprised to see that even a stone in the egg shell did not sink. But if we removed the shell, it sank to the bottom immediately.


They had fun decorating the tyres. It was a bit messy but messy is good because that means they are having fun.




Then, came the prize game where the children had to rev up the launcher and launch their cars.

Lastly, we created a course for Blaze and his friends – with gum drops! Yum!



We had a great time and though it was hectic from the word ‘Go’, the children rose up to the challenges set to them.

Disclosure: I was sent a few products to host a party. All ideas and opinions are my own. 

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