Our Big Night In with Moneysupermarket

Moneysupermarket threw open a challenge to bloggers – to spend £50 on a night in with friends/family and show that one can have fun without breaking the bank.

When I signed up to the Big Night In challenge with Moneysupermarket, I was not sure how to spend it. £50 can be a lot and it can also be a little depending on what one decides to do. I knew I wanted to do something with the family and also have some time as a couple with my husband.

Going to a birthday party last Sunday gave me the perfect idea. You know how you take your children to a birthday party and see their little faces fall when they participate in a game and don’t win anything? I know, it’s good to teach them about the spirit of participation and losing gracefully and I do. But secretly in one’s heart, as a mum, one does feel for them.

So…I decided to use the money to have a party with party food and games and make sure that each child won a prize (Of course, it was rigged…I was the organizer and could do as I liked!)

The first thing I had decided we do is to switch off our phones and computers so that we would not be distracted and we would enjoy the evening.

For the meal we had a takeaway – Chinese (it would not be a Big Night without taking time off from cooking and washing up)

I chose to order just appetisers and soup so there was a dim sum platter, spare ribs and satay chicken.  I also ordered soups – Tom Yum for me and OH and Sweet Corn with Crabmeat for the children. I also ordered chocolate and strawberry sundaes for dessert.

The food and drink

We then had a few games and the children were really excited. The gifts were not bought with the money from Moneysupermarket but I had a few things to review so I used those. (Not complaining but £50 doesn’t take you very far in the toy store)

The children had been ‘practising’ playing the games for the past week!

So the winner of the ‘Pass the Parcel’ was Aeryn who ‘won’ a Cabbage Patch doll.

Jadyn won the Musical Statues – she had a Cabbage Patch Little Sprouts.

Ethan won a little Digger for the ‘Simon Says’ game.

The Prizes

And everyone received a Kinder Surprise for ‘Duck, Duck, Goose’!

The favourite game was Pass the Parcel and it was wonderful to see their faces each time they had the parcel in their hands and the music stopped. I used some old Christmas wrapping paper that I had saved from last year and each time the parcel was opened by someone there were some chocolate coins – so everyone got something.

After the children went to bed, we had a bit of Greek sweet wine (bought from Cyprus Duty Free for £12 on husband’s recent travel on Thursday) as we relaxed and watched a movie –The Vow.

It was nice to just be on our own as a family and have a great night together. The children want another Big Night In so I guess I will be doing this again soon. It’s something that can be done on a very low budget as well. The children would have been just as happy if I just wrapped up some chocolates for the prizes.

It was nice to spend time together playing games and not being on the computers/DS/phones for an evening.

The games
The games

The amount spent on the night:

Dinner £32.20

Dessert £3.60

Kinder Surprise – £1.85

Chocolate coins – £1.00

Wine £12

A total of £50.65

All in all, it was a great night in, thanks to Moneysupermarket. The kids were happy and so were we.

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