Our Angel Delight Moments


20141105_164954_resizedI love dessert. I have a sweet tooth. In fact, make that sweet teeth. 🙂

I can remember my mum making us custard with jelly. I also remember her making different flavours and pouring them over each other and  setting them in the fridge so that we had a rainbow dessert.

Of course things have now become so much easier. I can have my dessert served on 5 minutes.

We got an opportunity to try an Angel Delight dessert in the new bubblegum flavour.

I was a bit unsure about bubblegum flavoured dessert but the kids loved. And then I realised that it’s not about me.

Well, not really, it is a bit about me – I can have dessert ready in 5 minutes flat and it’s something the kids love.

It still maybe not my kind of taste but it’s light and fluffy and yummy as the kids put it. But then I have never been a fan of bubblegum.

We made it in 5 minutes and decorated with sprinkles for a lovely look.


What I liked about the dessert is that you can also make it into a milkshake and since the children love flavoured milk, it’s a bonus.

I think that Angel Delight is an easy to make dessert and since it has no artificial colours or preservatives it is great.

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