Opening Fairy Doors from Character Options – Review

Do you believe in fairies?

The children certainly do. Well, the little one does at least.


We were sent a lovely playset from Opening Fairy Doors that made sure that we now believe in fairies. 🙂

The playset consists of a fairy door, picket fences, a window, some stickers. envelopes and letter paper and a little post box. It also comes with magic fairy dust.

We received a lilac door that is very pretty and the great thing is that is opens. When you do, there is a picture of a magic fairy land that beckons you to enter.

The little window also has a picture on the back of it. I quite like the idea of these as I am sure that you can also add your own picture – a Christmas scene for Christmas, maybe?

Aeryn is going to write a letter to her fairy and post it and I’m sure the fairy will reply too.

The set comes with double sided tape like the one you use to attach pictures on the wall so it is quite easy to use. It is also sturdy.

There are 3 different doors to collect so you can grow your collection. Our fairy is called Willow as per the sticker sheet that accompanied it.

Aeryn is looking forward to having Willow come and visit soon.

The set is priced at £14.99 and is really good value for money as it is good quality.

The playset is perfect for imaginative play something which I encourage in children in a big way.

It is available at Character Online


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