Oonies from Character – Review

We are very thankful to get some lovely toys to review. Recently, we were sent Oonies and these were adorable.

The Oonies are little balloons that stick together and you can create all sorts of wonderful creatures or flowers.

They are super easy to make and so much fun.

The Oonies Starter Pack contains –

  • Oonies Inflator
  • 36 Oonies Pellets
  • 6 Oonies Connectors
  • 18 Oonies Deco Bits
  • 6 Display Connectors
  • 12 Oonie Eyes
  • Instructions


You first place your little mini pellet in the Oonies chamber, attach it to the inflator and then lock it using the locking lever. You should hear a click.

Use the pump to pump up the pellet as far as you want it. Use the indicator to decide how large you want it.

Release the Oonie and remove carefully always following the instructions.

You can then use the Oonies connectors to connect the Oonies and the deco bits to create all your wonderful creatures.

There are display connectors included that can be used to make you Oonies stand independently or to stick on a window or door or any other surface.

We made the chick and the elephant –


We found them easy to make and they were such fun to make too.

The only down side is that the Oonies didn’t last very long and by the next morning, they had deflated. I don’t know if we needed to attach them at the point where the opening is as this is something we didn’t do.

The starter pack is priced at £19.99 and is good value for money as you can make quite a few creatures. There are refill packs available too so once you buy the pack, you don’t need to worry about buying the inflator again.

Do be careful and read the instructions when using the product as it does does contain a needle. The inflator is designed so that the needle cannot be extended when the Oonies chamber is not on. However, do inspect the needle before giving the inflator to the child.

The Oonies from Character Online are simply adorable and so much fun to play with. Perfect for giving in to imagination and also to promote motor skills and following instructions.

They are targeted at children aged 4+.


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