Once Upon a Dork – Book Review

You may have read how much we enjoyed Drama Queen. Jadyn loves the Dork Diaries series and can spend her days reading them again and again.



We were recently sent Once Upon a Dork by Renee Russell and I read it too. Both Jadyn and I enjoyed it.

The Story –

When Mackenzie throws a dodgeball at Nikki, she falls into a dream and finds herself in a fairy tale world. There are 3 classes in the world – the Rogues, Renegades and Regals. The story features all her friends and the best part of it all is that her fairy godmother turns out to be Briana, her sister!

Does Nikki ever come out of her fairy tale world? You need to read the book to find out.

Our Review –

Jadyn thought the book was funny in some parts and she really enjoyed reading it. In fact she has been recommending it to all her friends. She liked the bit about the fairy godmother the best especially when she keeps forgetting to come through.

Nikki is one of Jadyn’s favourite characters of all time.

The book is well written like all the other Dork Diaries books and is perfect for the target age.

Disclaimer: We were sent ‘Once Upon a Dork’ to review. All ideas and opinions are my own.


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