On the Orange Carpet with Shimmer and Shine

On Sunday, we got up bright and early and very excited. I didn’t even have to call a second time!

We were headed into London for the Shimmer and Shine launch party and what a party it was too.

On entering the venue, we were greeted by a genie who showed us in. 🙂

And then in a matter of minutes, I had my very own little genie with me.



Who doesn’t love playing dress up?

There was lots of yummy food laid out



Face painting



Hair extensions


And a disco too!


Of course, the best part of it was being led into the screening room to see the first 3 episodes of Shimmer and Shine – the brand new series on Nick Jr.


We enjoyed the series and Shimmer and Shine are adorable. The music is catchy and the children loved the series so much that they tuned in yesterday to be able to catch it again.

Shimmer and Shine in on Nick Jr. every evening at 4.30 pm. Don’t forget to tune in and enjoy.


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