Oh! To be a child again – #IF

A few days ago I posted about the Food For Thought Report which is part of the IF campaign. This Saturday, 8th June, many will be gathering for the Big IF in Hyde Park London. Join if you can and contribute to the paper windmills. We are hoping to be part of the gathering and adding to the colour.

On June 17, the G8 leaders will be able to address world hunger and save lives

Make your voice heard here http://savethechildren.org.uk/if?utm_campaign=IF&utm_medium=Blogs&utm_source=suiff4tblgs

Children are our future and they need to get proper nutrition to develop cognitively and enjoy their childhood. Save the Children!

Here is a short poem that I have written to support Save the Children


Oh! To be a child again!

Oh!To dance with glee!

Oh!To have no worries

And live a life carefree.

To see fun in the shadows,

A rainbow in the rain,

A light amongst the darkness,

And not to feel the pain.

To live with total innocence –

And not know how to lie.

To love with all your being

Until your time to die.

To smile at every person,

Whether rich or poor,

To play out in the open –

And not to close the door.

To speak without the fear

Of saying something wrong;

To sing without the worry

Of not knowing the song.

To live life to the fullest

To give each day its best –

No worry of the future,

Or failing in life’s test

See wonder in the smallest being,

Beauty in a tree,

Oh! to be a child again –

And live a life carefree. 

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