Of Watches and Things…

I love watches and feel they make a functional accessory to any outfit. Of course, I do like watches to kind of ‘go’ with the outfit. I know full well that one really can’t afford to match watches with clothes but it is nice to have at least 2 watches – one for everyday use and one for parties. It would also be grand to have a special watch for school runs that runs 15 minutes early so that I am well in time each morning!!

I remember my first watch when I was 15 and yes I could read the time much before that! By my first watch, I mean, my first grown up watch that I chose for myself, and my parents paid for. 😉

It was a lovely titanium watch strap with a black dial. No numbers but it had the date and all the previous hand-me-down watches didn’t, so it was a real treat. And yeah, you could read it in the dark – so a much updated version to the children’s digital watches I had before (Barbie and the like) I think I still have it somewhere but by the time I find it, it will be a while but all I can say is that it was rather nice.

Nowadays, of course, I have two watches – one that I use everyday – again silver with a black dial and a sapphire crystal anti scratch screen that my husband bought me one Christmas. And the other one I have is a present from my Mum before she died which I keep for special occasions so that it does not get ruined. It is an awesome looking bracelet type watch and I shall treasure it forever.

Of course, one can never have too many watches so if anyone is feeling especially generous, while browsing online; I did see some rather nice watches at The Watch Hut and this is my personal favourite. This Tag Hauer Ceramic and Diamond Formula 1 watch would look lovely on my wrist and with my birthday up in a couple of months…

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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