Of Marriage and babies…the views of a 6 and 3 year old.

So…..today the topic of conversation in our home was marriage and having babies. My children are aged 10, 6 and 3. It was actually a conversation between my 6 and 3 year old. Maybe a little too young to have the birds and bees conversation with?

3-year-old Aeryn stated she didn’t want to have babies as you could die when having a baby. Very grim picture. I explained that I was alive and I have 3 babies! But she’s made up her mind.

She also decided she doesn’t want to get married. 6 year old Ethan decided he didn’t know how to get married. (I have a sneaky feeling that he’s not talking about the ceremony!!)

Anyway, Aeryn said that it isn’t hard to get married – you go to the shop that sells wedding dresses and t-shirts and buy them.

‘And who would you marry’? Ethan asked.

Aeryn said that you go out and find a grown up and then go to the shops together and buy the things you need.

And don’t forget the ‘wings’ for the girl – she said.

Wings? For the girl? Yes, I certainly need some!!

She meant ‘rings’ of course.

And Ethan, in his own way asked her  – ‘What if the person doesn’t want to marry you? If they think you’re ugly’?

Pat came the answer – ‘Well, you just dial 999 and call the police!’

It is going to be a shotgun wedding for her, isn’t it? And I don’t think the shotgun will be in her father’s hands!

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