Of Fairies and Things – Flutterbye Fairy Review

I don’t know about you – but ever so often when I see an advertisement for a toy that looks really nice, I wish my children had one.

Now obviously, I also make a mental note to myself to put it down on the birthday list or the Christmas list but sometimes…just sometimes, I don’t really want to wait that long to get it for them (or for myself as the case may be)

Well, this is one of them. When I saw the ad for the Flutterbye Fairy on telly, I wanted it for my girls and made a mental note to put it down on my daughter’s Christmas list.

Luckily for her, Christmas came early – I was offered an opportunity to review this beautiful flying fairy from Spinmaster Toys.


The Flutterbye Fairy was delivered complete with fairy dust and the children were so excited. So was I.

A flying fairy – which little girl would not want one?

The box includes the fairy, charging base and instructions. The fairy requires 6 AA batteries so be sure to buy your set of batteries when you purchase it as you would not want to present your little girl with a fairy that can’t fly.

The fairy itself is very delicate in shades of pink and purple (little girls’ favourite colours) so I guess it will be love at first sight for any little girl. I must confess it was also a bit of this for me as the fairy really is exquisite – dainty hands and features with lovely patterns on the skirt.


The fairy is charged by connecting the charging cord and switching the unit on but the fairy should be turned off. The little light blinks so you know it is charging.

Once the fairy is charged, switch the fairy on, disengage the cord and press the button.  The fairy takes to flight.

The fairy flies straight up into the air and then descends but if you put your hand beneath it, it soars upwards.

It does take a little practice to get it right, as the first few times the fairy just spun and hit the wall. We are getting better now as we practice a lot with it – but then that is the whole point of having a toy – playing with it!!

The fairy’s wings are made of soft plastic so it does not damage anything even if it hits against it. To control the fairy, all one needs to do is to press the button on the charging unit to bring it down or hold it by the legs to control it.

You can even hold the fairy and press the launch button to have a fluttering fairy in your hands.

My children (and I) are enjoying playing with the fairy and seeing who can make it fly the longest. It is best to launch it in a clear area with has open space. However, it is meant for indoor use as winds can affect how it flies.

I think it is a great gift for a girl aged 6+ (the intended target age). It would make a perfect birthday or Christmas gift and I am sure there will be many Flutterbye Fairy requests in letters to Santa this year.

It costs £34.99 and is available in Tesco, Argos, The Entertainer and Amazon.


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